Tips to recreate Rustic Industrial style for your home

Today, most homeowners prefer industrial style interiors and furniture for their homes. Its raw, utilitarian and rustic beauty attracts people to have one for their homes too. The rustic industrial style was usually found in the tea shops, cafe, restaurants and other local shops in the country. But this has now become an inviting option for apartments and Villas in Chennai OMR as well. Let’s see what most in this style is attracting people to decorate their homes with industrial style.

Recreate a rustic industrial style for your house with these magical secrets

Unfinished artwork to illuminate the rawness

Unfinished work is the beauty of any furniture to fit for an industrial style home. Furniture with half-finished work would look raw, authentic and industrial.
Firstly, characteristics of a home are what account most of an industrial design. Exposed bricks, concrete floors, exposing beams and ductwork ignite the rawness of a house. You must learn to embrace this rawness by having a simple and minimalistic lighting fixtures and windows. To intensify the style, you can even break a wall in between two rooms for allowing free-flowing space layout.

Machines are all the rage of industrial style

One thing we all know is that the factory life is the inspiration for industrial style. When choosing furniture for your home, try to purchase those who have pulleys, exposed screws, bolts, other mechanical items. These exposed elements are the triggering point for infusing the style in the home.

More metals for the tan look

If there is one material which is the definition of industrial style, it’s metal. Metal and tan tones are the real elements that put all together in a room. Metals like iron, aluminium and tin help creating a radiant vibe to the room. Also, metallic picture frames, clock, metal stools, fixtures, etc, emphasis the style one step further. One important advice while purchasing metal elements is that always go for something cooler than warm ones.

Neutral colours and modest cushions are the perfect combo

There is no saying that everything in your home must be as raw as a factory. You’ll have to have padded furniture as well. Avoid heavy and overstuffed furniture, try to purchase which are sleek and modest. While painting the walls, go for the neutral and earthy tone to look chic industrial. Bright and bold colours are not typical of this type of style. Try not to make your home look monotone one. Try to mix it up with tan tones like grays, whites, blacks, and other jewel and earthy tones. Even pastel colours would go well with rustic furniture.

Redefine the space with some wooden works

The industrial chic style is not all about metals. You need to break it by adding some natural components as well. Try to create a mixed look with both metals and wood or stone. As much of this look only focuses on repurposing items, choose differently with wooden furnishings.

Radiate the place with factory lighting

Create an 80s look with factory light fixtures. One of the most important elements in an industrial chic style is the Edison style lights. Caged lightings and bulbs covered with glass creates a stylish urban space. Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling are an apt choice for this kind of factory style.
So always remember to have a fine mix of earthy tones, tan colours, wooden and metal furnishing with dim light fixtures over your head to enhance a perfect rustic industrial style home.

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