Innovative tips to make your small apartment look bigger

Due to the developments in the real estate, the land space is decreasing rapidly in the city. This is why the high-rise apartments within small apartment at an affordable price are in trend this year. In Chennai, there are so many 2 BHK flats in OMR, ECR, Porur, Anna Nagar and Korattur. Homeowners of small apartment spaces suffer from lack of spaciousness. This article provides you with some innovative and practical tips on making your apartment look bigger. It just needs some creativity to bring the illusion of spaciousness.


While choosing to drape curtains in your room, try to coordinate it with the colour of your walls. This helps in merging the curtains and walls together and brings a spacious look to the room.
Take advantage of natural light: Open your windows in the room. This lets you have all the light which shines throughout the room. Sunlight is a natural source to bring spaciousness in the room. And try to leave your windows uncovered as much as possible.

Go specific while choosing furniture

While choosing sofas and beds for small apartment, try to opt for the one which has raised legs. Furniture with raised legs creates space and feels aerated too. Also, multi-functional furniture helpfully gives a hand for small apartment owners. Bed with storage underneath to keep folded clothes and duvet. These types of multi-functional, saves space in the flat.
Also furniture with fold and unfold features are all the way for small apartments or flats. These can be put aside when not in use and used when you need by unfolding it. Also, see-through furniture and glass-made leave the space airy and spacious. It builds an illusion like most of your space is left free.

Clever usage of colours

The theory of spaciousness predominately falls on your wall colour. The colour of your room defines whether it looks big or not. So trying to paint the walls with neutral colours, white or pastel colours could expand the space visually. For rugs, purchase the rugs and screens with either plain colours or tiny prints.
Furniture is the most important element of any room. The important thing is to blend and blend. Choose furniture with the same colour as your wall so that the room looks expansive and wide. Try to paint your walls with different shades of the same colour. Highlighting the pillars and corners of the wall by lighter shades of the wall colour would expand the space even more.
Also, colour-code the books on the bookshelf while arranging the books. Colour coding helps in a great way to small space homes.

A well-thought storage to uncover space

The trickiest thing you could do for storing is to add a wall-to-wall shelf. Also, floor-to-ceiling shelf draws your eye up to include the vertical length of the house. Bigger homes are not only based on width, length is also a primary element of showing how much bigger the room you’ve got.
Remember to leave some empty space on the shelf. Completely filled up shelves may not look good when it is exposed. Henceforth, better and clever storage adds in the list of spacious rooms. Additionally, expansive counter-tops create spaciousness in the kitchen. So always remember to either install a built-in desk or spacious counter-tops.

Fixtures and art to draw attention

Fixtures, mirrors and art is the other way of distracting individuals from the small apartment. So place a lengthy mirror in the corner of the room to reflect twice on what you have. Hang a big picture or painting on the wall in the living room to appear larger. Instead of fixing fixtures overhead, just draw all the eyes to one spot of the room. Include several small lighting bulbs and decorate around a picture frame.