Speculation on Property in Chennai: Location Ambattur

The value of properties in Chennai has been on a steady rise for over two decades at least. Builders in Chennai are successfully riding the wave of success ever since the technological evolution hit the city. Chennai is the heart of South India, which is blooming with new job, education and research opportunities for the young generation of our country.
Many people have chosen Chennai as their retirement city over the last few decades. A wonderful blend of culture and fun attracts everyone to this city bustling with life. Combine these with incredibly low living costs and you have the perfect market for real estate which is waiting to boom any moment.
This is the perfect time for everyone to invest in real estate in the heart of the city. The unique property of real estate allows room for value growth with years, irrespective of the initial investment. So a small two bedroom apartment which can serve as a cosy home for you and your family today can easily become a smart investment for tomorrow.
Most of the builders who construct apartments in Chennai have been faithfully serving the residents of the city with innovation, reliability and tradition for more than two decades. The number of projects successfully completed by these real estate developers stands as their tall evidence of unfaltering mastery which is making Chennai a better place to live in.

Real estate scenario in Ambattur:

As property prices in Chennai move steadily northward, many prospective home buyers and investors are now looking beyond the popular suburbs of Chennai for more affordable districts. One such locality that has come up as an alternative real estate destination for affordable residential and commercial property is Ambattur. Over the past few years, Ambattur has quickly developed from a quiet village into a bustling residential and commercial locality that was made a part of the Chennai Corporation in 2011.
Spread over 45 kilometres, Ambattur today is an auto ancillary hub with many IT companies also having offices in the locality. Ambattur Industrial Estate, spread over 4.9 km is the biggest small scale industrial estate in South Asia and has attracted a lot of IT companies due to the lower rentals. With lease rentals of IT parks almost half of those in the city, there is a surge in the number of IT companies investing in commercial land for sale in Ambattur. Many IT companies have today invested in plots in Ambattur with an aim to strengthen their presence in southern India.
Driven by the easy availability of jobs and excellent strong road and rail connectivity linking centres like Tiruvallur, Perumbur, Anna Nagar and Vadapalani, an increasing number of people are looking to move to Ambattur. However, the main driving force for buyers is the lower capital values and the affordability factor. Homes in Ambattur are relatively cheaper compared to other parts of Chennai. Price range of Ambattur as on April 2017 is as follows: Highest Locality Price starts from Rs 6,388 per Sq-ft, Average Locality Price starts from Rs 5,267 per Sq-ft and Lowest Locality Price starts from Rs 4,145 per Sq-ft. There is also an abundant choice for those interested in investing in residential plots in Ambattur.
Ambattur is also an area procured with well-developed social infrastructure with a number of reputed schools, colleges, hospitals, bank, worship places – all knitted together to offer a quality lifestyle for residents of Ambattur.
It has been well proven that in corridors of significant job creation, affordable housing appreciates faster than any other real estate asset classes. Hence it can be expected that an investment made in residential property or commercial land for sale in Ambattur can fetch good returns in the future. Most of the ready to occupy flats in Chennai, particularly in Ambattur and other such localities have drawn attention of many investors who has plans on investing in the city.

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