Simplest Water-Saving Techniques for your Terrace Garden

Gardening and maintenance of a stunning garden is the hobby of most of the people for the longest time. Investing time with these green plants and witnessing our toil in the form of beautiful flowers could be one of the most soothing hobbies that one can have. But with the urbanization of increase in the development of concrete jungle, having a palatial garden has gradually minimized. Only those who plan to reside at luxury villas in Chennai have the privilege of growing a terrace garden.
But the maintenance of terrace garden would be one of the issues that cross the mind while planning such setup. One of the major concerns is the process of availing water for the plants in times of summers. Read on to know about the simplest ways that can never make you think twice before setting up your sophisticated garden space which require only a meagre amount of water.

Plants with less maintenance

Think wisely and try to invest in those plants that would require only less maintenance. That is, the need to constantly look after the plants by changing the soil, sweeping off the withered leaves and providing nutrients should be minimal. Such plants would eventually require less water and time also act as a great decor for your terrace garden. For instance, draught tolerant plants such as bougainvillea, spider plant, paradise tree are very well suited to the Indian climatic conditions.

Employ mulching

Mulching is one of the inventive techniques to retain moisture among the soil for a quiet long time. For this process, cover the soil with a permeable layer of material to lock the moisture. This can be practiced over any plant or even trees which help in retaining the freshness of the garden for a longer period. On the other hand, this layer also prevents easy evaporation of the water and also prevents the growth of unwanted weeds. This permeable layer can be of pebbles, small rocks etc which also adds an aesthetic touch to the garden.

Employing drip irrigation

When the need to invest in watering plants in a larger garden area, one cannot decide if every plant receives an equal amount of it. To ensure this, employ one of the oldest agricultural techniques of drip irrigation. Equal amount of water is distributed to every plant of your terrace garden at the stipulated time. Also water dispensed through this retains the moisture for quite a longer time. And this process prevents the need to walk through the garden to water every plant.

Employ rain garden

Another technique that is close to drip irrigation is the setting up of the rain garden. This technique is used to channelize the usage of water and efficiently fill out every plant. Especially this can be employed among the Independent villas in Chennai that has separate area for the terrace garden. Close the terrace area for a complete garden area and fill the space with plants. Water from the top with channels of water pipes flows down to the plants. Helps to make them soak and grow well along with the proper soil nutrients.
Though employing many of the technology infused ideologies for your garden just make sure not to waste water in the course of gardening. Water your plants either early in the morning or early in the evening to avoid immediate evaporation of water. Take proper care of the plants to reap the benefits of a stunning garden space.

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