Simple ways to keep your home cool without using coolers or AC

As the temperature ascends crosswise over urban communities, families have moved on with ACs and coolers to keep their home as cool as conceivable amid these sweltering summer months. However, what will you do in the event that you don’t have any aerating and cooling or need to endure long power cuts? Also, consider the ecological effect of ACs too. We bring you some important tips that will keep your home cool and vaporous in the searing summer’s warm without the utilization of any coolers or ACs.
The primary thing you can do is to keep all draperies and blinds shut amid the day to obstruct the warmth and direct daylight. This may appear to be strange yet opening the windows amid the day will just make your home hotter.
Open your windows late in the night times when the air outside is cooler. This will help cleanse the warmth from your home and you can appreciate the cool night breeze.
If you have a cool air store close to your home, for example, a very much shaded lawn or a pool confronting window, open entryway and windows confronting it during the evening, alongside entryways windows on the inverse side, this will make cross ventilation (cross breeze) enabling the cool air to course around your room.
A compact fan set close to the window attracting cool air will additionally help bring down temperatures in the room. Furthermore, you can likewise put a metal bowl with salted ice or dry ice before the fan and let the fan blow over the bowl to get the air cooler.
Plants have a noteworthy impact in lessening the room temperature and consequently you can have a go at developing indoor plants in your apartment in Chennai or have a couple of plants in your gallery to bring down the warmth.
Change the brilliant lights which deliver more warmth than light to smaller fluorescent and LED light. This little move will help bring down your electricity bills too.
Turn off every single electrical apparatus, for example, lights, fans, PCs, TV and so on when not being used as they produce a warm, raising the general temperature of your home.
Try to change the outfitting, textures and draperies of the house from dull hues to energetic summery hues that will help reflect light instead of ingesting it.
If you live in a free home, you can paint your rooftop with a lighter shading to help mirror the light.
Try tinting your windows for warm lessening as tinted windows mirror the light and prevent the warmth from going into the house and helps to keep your home cool.

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