Simple DIY Hacks to Renovate Old Furniture

Even a branded furnishing can retain its look for only for certain years. The possibility of furniture to worn out and strip increases as the years passes by. Especially, in case of regular ones without a brand name attached with it have immense chances to look damaged within a few years. This is one of those materials that cannot be replaced every single time when it looks tad older. As surely it would surely cost a hole in the pocket. The better option is to renovate old furniture by revamping the existing material and make it look like a brand new one. This can be achieved with a few simple techniques that are discussed below. Implement such tactics to a give a revamp and renovate old furniture at much reduced cost.

Staining the wooden ones

Going with the quote of “old is gold”, furniture that gets stripped and worn out of the polish actually would look good. For instance a pine wood polished with orange color when starts to wear out exposes its dark wood. This augments the rich look of the real wood. Furniture that is starting to wear out, make use of sandpaper and wood conditioner to uniform the color throughout the furniture. After treating it with these, give a coat of polyurethane varnish to complete the wooden look.

Use of spray paint

For the furnishings used in the outdoor decors, like in the gardens or terrace. A bottles of spray paints would suffice in producing the required refreshing look. Rub off the existing stripped off and rusted seating and allow it to dry it for some time. Wear a rubber glove to prevent paint spray on your clothing and start to paint the seat in even strokes. Achieve the desired look of brand new furniture easily after some light coatings.

Re-covering a cushion

This is one of the easiest ways to cover up the old look of the furniture. Take off the material covering any furniture. Replace it with new fabrics that could completely change the look of the furniture piece. For this process, just a staple gun and new fabric would suffice to finish this changeover. Also, if the foam is worn out, replace that too with new foam and cover it up with new fabric which would give the feel of a new furniture piece.

Use of oil paints and latex

One of the materials that are effective in achieving the rich look of the furniture would be using latex or oil paints to paint the old ones. Similar to other material use sandpaper to rub off all the worn out parts of the furniture. And then, wipe it off using drop cloth. After this apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry. With strokes of latex or oil paint, the polishing of the furniture would be complete. It is advisable to prefer latex over the oil paints.
There are ample techniques in the market that aid to renovate old furniture without causing a heavy toll on your pocket. Invest in these simple techniques to save cost and at the same time for giving a refreshing look for the Flats in Chennai.
But, if it is not possible to renovate old furniture, then use these Simple tips to Spend Less on Buying Furniture.

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