How to set up your newly moved-in Apartment

After finally moving into the best apartments in Chennai, the first thing that pops into your mind is the decoration. The thought to set up your apartment might haunt you every minute and be doing it from scratch takes time and effort in case it is your first apartment. Regardless of whether you reside in a Luxury apartment in Anna Nagar or in a compact-size Apartment in OMR, it might take at least 3 months of time to live a regular life with proper setting in the apartment.

Here are some cool ideas to set up & decorate your ever first apartment.
Begin with the entryway

What are the entryways for?
(A) To make the first impression good and
(B) Keep your keys, shoes, and coats organized neatly.
Transforming your entryway to look more welcoming and cheerful doesn’t take a lot of effort from you. Just start small by adding a multipurpose coat rack and a rectangular tray to put all the keys and stuff without having to search for it all day. After setting up the shoe rack, place the tray just above it or keep it on the shoe rack to save space. After setting up all these at first, decorating it with mirrors and the small plant would be done over time once all seems set up.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important requirement besides all the rooms. However, it takes almost 10 days to set up everything in your house. This should not stop you from cooking and eating on time. Moving into the new apartment can take additional time to even get ready for work every morning. You would not have time to arrange all your essentials in place on the first day itself. It takes time to get used to the place and figure out what is where. To set up your kitchen for the first few days, start by adding a small dining table and set up the counter-tops of the kitchen with all the equipment. Furthermore, decorate it with all the tablecloth, a wooden slate to hang it on. To be honest, hanging on a black slate in the kitchen looks classy. At the moment, this would do well. Further, you can add up more elements for decorating the kitchen by adding mirrors, art, and planters.

The place you wear off the day-stress, yes, the bedroom

There are some homeowners who don’t prefer to carry all the furniture from their old house to a new home. If you are one of them, you might have a mattress ready in available somehow. All you need is a bed frame. If you are on a budget for the first few months after moving in, then you can create a bed frame using some wood or anything. There are a lot of DIY projects available online and you could create a bed frame effortlessly. Additionally, the nightstand is one of the major essentials for the bedroom. Also, the windows for privacy should be installed in the early stage to avoid further complications. Over time, you can upgrade with new bed, lights, floor mats, and curtains and so on. Furthermore, you can even design a storage rack behind the door, and the bedside cabinets to store all your jewels and so on.

The bathroom

Initially, the essential for any bathroom is wall storage, bath linens, and vanity mirror regardless of whether the bathroom is old or new. The additional bath accessories like candles, luxury bath products, and rugs are for the later course of decoration. Always know that less is more. In simple, you must have the basic necessities for a daily shower, you can add up more luxury needs and decorations later on. The most primary needs are the extra storage, mirror, and bath towels.

Finally, the living room

People eye dramatically draws towards the living room after the entrance. This is where you spend half of your fortune to make it look more inviting and warm. At first, start by placing a sofa to sit, coffee table and a light. Once you have all the necessary essentials covered, illuminate the space by adding the rugs, pillows, floor mats, artwork, mirror, storage, and chairs. Once you have covered all the bulky objects and continue with the decorating by small ornamentals, antique pieces, and others.

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