Innovative ways to enhance the exterior look of your house


Paint the exterior of your abode

The first and the best thing you could do to improve the exterior look is to paint it. Painting the exteriors of the house works wonders for the arrival of a brand new look. Go through the colour palette and choose something vibrant and eye-catching one. Always go for neutral colours for the exteriors. Some of the colours that go well with the outsides are
1. Ivory for the walls, white for the window frames and corners and Aqua blue for the front door.
2. Royal blue for the walls, pure white for the window frames and Royal Purple for the front door.
3. Mustard yellow for the walls highlighted with brown window frames and creamy white front door.
4. Laurel green for the walls, butter yellow for the frames and white front door.
These are a few colour combo packs for the exterior painting segment. Here comes the art of greenery next…

Grow little shrubs

If you are living in Independent villas, then you’d obviously have bounteous space for plants. Private gardens are a new amenity which every community offers. If you are lucky to have one, then well. Start with growing small shrubs outside the garden. The more greenery you have around you, the more the surroundings feel pleasant and serene. Why I suggest growing shrubs is that they are easy to plant and maintain.

Grow more colourful flower-bearing plants

The one natural decorative element you can afford is to buy plants. Planting more colourful flowers bearing plants can make your garden look well groomed and improved. Rather than painting for your exterior look of your home colourfully, growing flowers give a naturalistic colourful look for the outside of your house.

Change your doormat even more customized

Changing the doormat is a very simple thing to do, but makes a huge difference. Keep switching it as much as possible to maintain a new look for the house. Customized doormats can be unique and your house stands out from the rest of the house in the street. Switching the doormats frequently will get you an opportunity to keep your doorway clean and rid of dirt.

Add lights in the walkway

Exteriors are not only in daylight. Exterior beauty of the house matters during nightlights as well. Light up the walkway on both sides to illuminate the outdoor space of your house. Lighting up the walkway makes the exterior look of the house even more beautiful.

Grow thick and lush green grass

If the grass outside is uneven or not well groomed, then grow more thicker and green grass around. Sow more seeds and grow grass with more thickness to look healthy. Make it even by grooming it regularly. This would definitely make a huge difference and gives a really well-groomed look for the exterior part of the house. You can have small grass patches if you live in the regular Apartments in Chennai.

Give your gate an attractive look

An attractive gate doubles the beauty of the house. If the old one is not good-looking and rusty then replace it with a new one. Give it an attractive look by choosing vibrant colours.

Colour the plant pots

Besides having flower-bearing plants, painting the pots brings a cheerful change. Colouring the pots would add more colour to the garden area. Your garden looks more attractive, colourful and full of vibrancy. Colour with bold colours and draw some patterns on it to look more striking.

Make a unique welcome board

Make a welcome board all by yourself with your own creativity. Even a small wooden slate would do well. Draw something really good on the slate and hang by the side of the front door. It puts a smile on the visitor’s face as they enter your doorway.
Home improvement is not just a one-time thing at all. It changes with new upgrades over time with the latest trends and decorative elements. Input your creative ideas on improving your home. Add a little bit of your own interest, love and time to bring a new change to your house frequently.

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