How a Garden Augments the Value of your Property

A well-maintained garden can definitely add value to your property. For those individuals who wonder how to get the huge sum in their pockets, here are some ideas to remember how. Give a chance for your landscaping skills to increase the value of your home.

No wonder why my villa worth more than the rest of the Independent villas in OMR community where I live in. I just spent my days on grooming my garden with these ideas. And it would be of great help for those gardeners to use their skills to boost value for their property from your side.

Make use of the outer space

Always remember, home buyers often see the space inside and outside as well. Do not believe the hunters only look for what’s inside. They do definitely focus on how much land spreads from the front door. Having some space left outside would obviously count in the estimation of the house. But how do you increase the value even more? To do this, do not simply leave the empty space outside just for parking alone. There are a lot of ways to improve the outdoor space which would really have a great impact on the estimation of your property. This also helps to find potential home buyers.

Here are some ways to utilize the outdoor space effectively and earn more credits when your house hits for resale.
Create a feel like it is a part of your house

The foremost thing every homeowner must keep in mind is that “A well-maintained garden shows how responsible the homeowners are”. This not only emphasis the owners, but attracts potential buyers as well. A potential owner takes less effort in seeking a potential buyer. So always balance your home and garden to feel like it is also a part of the property. Leaving it unattended and not maintaining it doesn’t feel fair and looks unappealing. A clever and efficacious landscape design makes the garden look attractive and large. A good landscaping surely improves the quality of the property and the homeowner too.

How do you make it look like it is a huge part of the property?
• Adding or replacing

Like how you revamp your house every now and then, likewise, spruce up your garden once in a while. Adding or replacing components, upgrades the garden. Doing so could add a value-boosting cord to your property. However, this takes only a few changes here and there. Just add new flowering shrubs and a thick deciduous tree. Add some color to your space by adding a few colorful pebbles and stones to decorate it.

• Make it look functional

Using props is the only best way to transform a garden into a functional outdoor space. Add some colorful chairs or hammock swing. Or plant some veggies and fruit yielding plants to gain something worthy at the end of every month. A few more improvements to an outdoor kitchen area say BBQ can make it look more functional.
Add a bookshelf near the hammock and organize it neatly. This shows how you utilize your garden more potentially. Any functional object is worth selling and buying in this world. A garden is not an exception here; your value depends on just how functional it can be. So keep it functional and eye-catching as well.

• Privacy and enclosure

For the urban regions, privacy is an essential element every occupier looks for. Due to the huge developments in the urban areas, there are a plenty of buildings in every corner. The lack of privacy is one of most faced issues while buying a property. Though you have an admirable gardens, having a bit of privacy and enclosure adds a few percent to the value your house.
Having a functional, contemporary and an attractive garden with privacy attracts potential home buyers. So do focus on the part of privacy if you are truly making an effort to maximize the estimation. To do so, just install an arbor in your sitting area and light up your garden with adorable bulbs. This would be more functional if you are able to your garden during nights as well.
The view at early mornings and evenings are priceless. These are the precious natural moments only few get to enjoy. So have a bit of privacy and enclosure, if your property is located in an urban area. This would be very useful for those who wish to have a small sit-out if they live in urban areas like OMR, ECR, and Anna Nagar. Most residents of Apartments in OMR are focusing on setting up private sit-outs in their balconies.

• Take care of it like any room of the house

Maintain the garden with good care like any other rooms in your house. The lawns need a good upkeep. So raking it every day keeps maintaining the lawn look fresh devoid of dry leaves. Mow it regularly to keep it well-groomed and spruced up. Fertilize the soil properly to yield colorful flowers and edible veggies. Proper aeration means healthy trees. A well-maintained garden never fails to treat you with good returns.

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