Bring in the festive vibe with modern luxury gold interiors

Getting your home ready for this festive season with gold is an awe-inspiring idea to decorate your home with. One significant surprising thing about gold interiors is that it never goes out of style. Gold accents are for evermore. Why decorate your home, particularly with gold color this holiday? Gold is well associated with luxury, material wealth, elegance and success. This is why most of the successful elites owning luxury homes prefer to design their interiors with at least a pinch of gold in it. Luxury on one part, it is more appropriate for classical interiors. Mixing gold color with a modern touch glamorizes the insides of your adorable home. Here are a few ways to bring in the festive vibe with modern luxury gold interiors.

Real gold idols for Indian homes

As per the Indian traditional norms, people individuals for the most part think about gold for jewels or idols. Performing Puja is one form of worshipping the lord to begin the auspicious day of the festive holidays as per the Indian traditional ritual. Real gold plated idols are a way of improving Puja room to lighten up the surroundings with traditional gold yellow. You might have to shell out more money from your pocket to buy gold plated idols and symbols. Most Indians worship Lord Krishna, Sai Baba, and Lord Ganesha. An ideal way to decorate the pooja room is to purchase gold plated idols to welcome the vibe of the festive season.

Gold furnishings, fabrics and paint for living room

Gold furnishing is the trending interior design strategy right now! Wherever you go, whatever you look, be it a magazine, internet, or high-end restaurants, you might somehow hit to see rooms with such elegance those designed with some touch of gold and glitz here and there. You can decorate your spacious homes with slight changes with replacing the pillows, curtains, linens throughout your home to achieve the look of those Luxury Villas in Chennai OMR.
To add more embellishment, paint one wall of the room with shimmering gold paint. If you feel the wall seem out of the place, then try neutralizing it with adding a gold painted coffee table in the center of the living room.
If you are not so fond of gold walls, then add a pinch of glistening gold throw pillows despite the size of the house.

Invite gold interiors into your home with matching shades

Gold interiors embellishments are not the perfect way to add glamorous gold for your home. Pulling off this style would never be easy without matching shades. The most obvious shade which goes well with gold ornamentals is black and white. Other colours like red with gold are also a well-known combo in which it brings more depth and extravagance. Usually, gold looks good when it goes with dark, deep and rich tones. Such colours would be velvet blue, dark emerald green, turquoise blue, and terracotta. Also, you can highlight it with brass, silver, and wood furnishings for the interiors which looks extraordinarily harmonious.

Abstract pieces framed in fashion

Golden frames are a fashionable way to present pictures in this century. One stylish step you can do to the walls is golden framed pictures other than just paint the walls with accent colors. To implement this chic style, just replace the old frames with gold bordered frames to give your walls a new alluring appearance. If you don’t like framing the pictures with gold, then try using gold leaf to simple frames with the desired pattern. This immediately takes your home to a level more than elegance and extravagance.

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