Difference between Un-furnished/Semi-Furnished/Fully-Furnished apartments

There are certain differences between unfurnished, furnished and fully-furnished apartments. But, however, you should choose wisely based on their amenities, size, and budget as per your needs.

Un-furnished Apartments

Unfurnished apartments are the most common type of apartments every developer delivers the buyers. Moreover, if you want to rent an unfurnished apartment, you get to move into a unit exactly how the owner has bought from the developer without any additions. This means, there will no further additions by the homeowner after buying the apartment from the developer. Generally, unfurnished Apartments in Chennai come barely except for a few new modifications like new windows or something like that. The tenant is the one who is responsible for furnishing the apartment to feel comfortable in the unit. The advantage of buying unfurnished apartments is that you get to customize the unit as per your personal choices and tastes.

Semi-furnished Apartments

Are you planning to rent a semi-furnished apartment? Then you are lucky as your landlord adds up all the basic elements like fans, cabinets, wardrobes, and lights. If you get to have a generous homeowner, they might likely have you few more additions like lounge or sofa in the rooms. These days, home buyers prefer semi-furnished Apartments in OMR and Flats for sale in OMR Sholinganallur, Pallavaram, Anna Nagar, and Kelambakkam over the unfurnished Villas in Chennai OMR and Kelambakkam. However, while renting out a semi-furnished apartment, you really need to understand what the owner has added up in the apartment. So, that you do not buy extra furniture you need for the unit.

Furnished Apartments

The term semi-furnished, furnished and fully-furnished can be confusing sometimes. This is not exactly defined and the owner has no strict rules of providing a certain number of amenities for the tenant. Most of the times, the furnished term means that the unit will have accessible cupboards, shelves, cabinets, modular kitchen, lights and fans. If the tenant wants something more than this, then it is the tenant’s wish to whether negotiate with the homeowner. If the landlord is willing to install something more at the same cost then consider yourself fortunate. One advantage of living in a furnished apartment, then you are escaping the whole stressful process of buying and transporting the furniture.

Fully-Furnished Apartments

A fully-furnished apartment will be well-equipped with all the necessary items of a household. It includes all the appliances and furniture right from the sofa to table lamps, from bed to dresser and additionally the electronic appliances, glassware and so on. Additionally, it is completely furnished with almost you’ll end up from having water heaters in the bathrooms to all the elements required for a day-to-day life. You just have to move in with only your suitcase and other personal belongings to dwell effortlessly. Also, there are service apartments which come with all types of amenities including your kitchen stocked with grocery, refrigerator and oven with telephone connection as well. However, it is difficult to find fully-furnished apartments in our cities in India. Luckily, only service apartments provides these kinds of services.
Henceforth, you can find only furnished apartments with certain limitations where the tenant has to take care of other important things they require regularly.

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