Decorative ideas to prove Sit out isn’t just for larger spaces

Every square feet matters most in urban homes today. If you are one of those individuals who yearn for extensive sit outs, then you are at the right place. Transforming your tiny spaced balcony into incredibly aesthetic sit out doesn’t require much exertion. It simply needs innovativeness.

Decorative ideas to prove Sit out isn’t just for larger spaces

Here’s the list of creative ideas for a creative sit-out


Tile or some other marble flooring does not contribute a decent sit-out. Enhancing it with a vibrant mat would embellish the outside space when a radiant daylight hits the floor. Colourful and soft rugs add a homey and comfy look to the space. This includes sit-outs as well, which makes the space appear larger than it is.


Besides the embellishments, first seating is prioritized based on the size of your sit out. If two chairs and a bench can fit in your sit out, then it is more than fine for a cosy sit-out. Wooden chairs add a contemporary beauty to the place. Considering this type of embellishment is a creative choice. Also, if your sit-out allows more accessible space, then adding a comfy swing would be better.
(1) If you want that industrial look, then you can make a 4x4s cinder block for a creative bench to sit for an evening breeze.
(2) If the space is too small, consider revising your priorities. Whether two chairs are good enough or maybe adding some greenery to the place by placing plants.
(3) As comfy seating is the key for a pleasant sit out, you can even ignore rest of the adornments. Just placing two chairs which relates to your interiors would be simple yet looks elegant. This setting would be fine for spending some valuable time with a beloved friend and feel the power of simplicity.
(4) Enjoy the view from sitting at the perimeter of the balcony. As most of the flats in OMR come with small spaces, placing the chairs at a corner and enjoying the view of the city from this spot would be ultimately beautiful. Also, leaving some space in the middle makes the sit-out look spacious.

Colours and shades

Colouring means not to paint the walls with bright colours. You can add colours to your sit out without practically painting the walls. Also, add colourful seating which has vibrant colours like reds, blues, greens and yellows. And get the vivacious and pulsating look by adding colourful cushions for the sit-out.


Despite the chairs, benches and cushions, the accessories add a bonus beauty for the sit out. Accessories are not just the tingling bells and stuff. Even green plants make an excellent accessory to adorn a place. Hang some herbs pots which not only add life to the place but acts as privacy. Nobody wants to be the talk of the day for a nosy neighbour. So, these hanging pots help in keeping your space private.
(1) You can create hanging pots for plants using soup cans too. Innovation and creativity is the primary key for a striking sit out.
(2) If you think the hanging pots are not safe, then having cinder blocks planter would be industrial and adds a raw beauty to the place.
(3) Or paint some plants patterns and designs on small rocks with radiant colours and keep it for adorning the sit out.
(4) Colourful and soft throw pillows make a homey embellishment element for an incredible sit-out look.
(5) Hang pong balls or globe lights to light up the night. It illuminates the space with glowing lights.
(6) Make a pretty looking chandelier with candles to draw the night with elegance.
(7) Or suspend the candles put in some mason jars around the sit out to have a quiet and serene environment.


Having an incredibly beautiful sit-out draws attention from the neighbours. Creamy or white curtains are a perfect shield to include privacy. Also, weather-proof your sit out and prepared for the rainy season. Just install a glass shutter to enjoy the rain being dry and warm from your place having hot coffee.
Alliance Humming Gardens offers Independent villas in OMR with amazingly spacious sit-outs. Sit outs attached to a bedroom on the top storey are all the rage among occupiers these days. Spacious sit-outs with your favourite person make a happy home. Come and treat yourself to this exemplary lifestyle at Humming Gardens.

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