Choosing the best AC for your Home

Gone are those days when people used to sleep on their terrace looking at the millions of stars. The lifestyle of people has been upgraded to such a level that even an hour without air conditioner seems difficult. The dependency on electronic gadgets has immensely increased with the evolution of technology. The best appliances are always preferred among the people. But, most of the times look of the unit is also considered as one of the top priorities. This is because at the end of the day a neat clutter free spacious room would only give a happy serene living environment. Hence, here we suggest some of the facts about the varied types of air conditioners that would suit your Villas in Chennai or flat unit and help you to get the best AC for your home.

1. Ductless Cassette AC

This type of air-conditioner is a ceiling-mounted appliance without a duct. Available in standard size of 2×2 ft., they have the similar finality of a split AC. When mounted at the center of the home right in the ceiling, power cooling of this cassette AC functions much effectively even for large living areas.


• Ductless cassette AC can be installed in the gap between the true ceiling and faux ceiling by carving a cavity. This method saves space that is occupied in case of a split or a window AC.
• Since this AC is provided by directional blowing, the cool air blows in every direction ensuring, proper distribution and cooling of the entire unit.
• Cassette AC only has air blowers inside the room and hence there is no problem of noise disturbance.

2. Ductless split AC

Most preferred AC variant by the people for installing at home. With availability of ample number of colors, designs and models, this is always considered as the best option by a majority of the urban homes. A complete split AC unit consists of three components-outdoor compressors that are placed outside at the slabs in case of gated community apartments in Chennai, connecting pipes and cables with an indoor handling unit.


• With easily removable and washable filters that can be cleaned occasionally. This AC unit effortlessly enters easy to maintain appliances list.
• While the compressor is placed outside and only the air blower is placed inside the unit, problem of noisy surrounding is evaded.
• Cost recurred after installing this type of AC unit is comparatively less. Because one can switch it off when not in use.

3. Ductable AC 

This AC variant blows air into the complete unit and even sometimes one particular zone with the help of a diverse system of ducts spread over the ceiling. Ductable AC can be helpful in cooling up large rooms that have multiple segments. That is the office environment and larger rooms would be very much compatible for this setup.


• One of the best AC variant that does not come in between the decor of the unit. This is because of the visibility of only the vents that blows out air. Hence, it preserved the look of the unit.
• Ducts spread out to different segments of the unit. So, one can control the temperature of the each ducts in any particular room.
Other than these variants, there are one another AC which has actually gone out of the trend these days. It is the window AC category that is installed by having a carved out portion inside the unit. Though this proves to be effective, there is noise and the space occupancy factor that makes this as least choice. Choose the best of options from the variants to adorn and enjoy technology in a sophisticated way.
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