Guidance to Choose the best floor for you in Apartments

Due to the limited land space, most Apartments in Chennai are high-rise apartments. The dilemma of choosing the right floor in a high-rise apartment is still persistent in most of the buyer’s mind. With each floor, there is a Preferential Location Charge (PLC) as it depends on the unit size and the area. There are many other aspects like the view, accessibility; noise and privacy have an active role in choosing the right floor.
High or low, top or bottom, each floor type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before you jump into a decision, which is the best floor for you to stay for longer than you think, consider these following factors.

Top floor

In any high-rise apartment, if you chooser a higher floor, it will cost you more. If you can afford such floor for a huge sum to live in the middle of a perfect view, then go for it. If not, save the money by simply living on the bottom floors. You can buy luxury and quality furniture with the money you save from it. Also, the top floors are pest free and have less noise with a better view of the city. On the flip side, carrying heavy materials can be really difficult if the elevator is not working. Even climbing becomes difficult without elevators. You’d want AC anytime because the heat level during summer would be scorching high during Chennai summers.
So living on a top floor merely for the view would be great, but the things coming with this is stressful and cost you more. The electric bills would hit high like rockets during boiling summers. So consider these factors who love to live on the top floors. If you can afford all these, you can choose a top floor.

Middle floor

Residents feel easy to manage within budget. Due to standard electricity, you can manage bills within your assumed budget. Less noise compared to the bottom floors. It takes less time and energy to climb upstairs in case of elevator damage. The middle floors give the best floor advantages of both top and bottom floors.
On the flip side, you’d feel surrounded by neighbours up and down. This would be less of an issue if there is no common wall between apartment units. There are no extreme changes from winter and summer. You’d not feel the switching between seasons. This change would feel moderate if you live on middle floors.

Bottom floor

Residents are in real luck as there are no stairs to climb frequently. You can be out in no time. There is no one below you, make all the fun and cartwheels you want. Also, your AC bill becomes less during summer because the heat only rises and reaches top floors. So the bottom floor occupiers are saved anyway.
On the flip side, bottom floors like first and second are prone to theft and other crimes. Also, there is no escape from the heavy traffic pulled outside. If you do not wish to suffer from these traffic issues, gated community apartments would be a wise choice. There are a plenty of Premium Apartments in Chennai to choose from for a reasonable price.
Regarding the noise level, residents climbing stairs and the sound from the top floors are unavoidable. But you can save a huge sum by living on the bottom floors though. Installing sound-proof glass doors for study room and bedrooms are useful to reduce noise for the bottom floor residents. The money you save by choosing bottom floors can be spent wisely with quality doors with security systems and windows to accomplish privacy. Also, you’d be less prone to theft and other crime issues in the community. But you can save a huge sum by living on the bottom floors though.

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