Budget decorating ideas for your apartment

Owning an apartment after a long home buying process can be stressful deed. You tend to forget about the decorations during the process of buying a home. But wait, does it feel like home? Feel like home in your new apartment using simple decorating ideas. Home decorations need not be always expensive. You can use these budget decorating ideas to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Budget decorating ideas for your apartment

Add your personal touch with removable wallpaper

Most occupants don’t feel comfortable with the existing wall colour. So buy a removable wallpaper of your most loved colours and patterns. Dwelling in a home filled with your tastes and choices can be overwhelming. It really adds a personal touch to your apartment. The removable wallpapers are an extraordinary companion in a requirement for home embellishments. Additionally, they are effectively removable so you can replace when required.


If you do not wish to shell out cash for buying such wallpapers, you can create the same effect by using your photographs. Just take all your favourite pictures of you and create a pattern of butterfly, heart or any other geometric shapes. This would really add a personal touch to your apartment. Creating your own embellishments feels good and budget-friendly as well.

Attend a furniture auction

Buying valuable and unique masterpieces at auctions makes a perfect decor item. Finding the one which catches your eye takes a valuable place in your home. If lucky, you’d get something striking for your home.


If you don’t have the heart to dump your old furniture, just paint it. One easy way to transform your old furniture into good-looking one is to paint it. An additional paint coating on your queen-sized bed can drastically change into a new piece without costing you much.
Just wipe the furniture with a wet cloth and use sandpaper to get the glossy shine. Now paint or spray paint the furniture to even out the coating. Adding a coat of lacquer, polyurethane and clear paste wax can get to you the brand new look of the furniture.

Change the door knobs and handles

Changing the door knobs and handles makes the door look new. The rust forms on the door knobs if it is used for quite a long time. Tarnished door handles look unattractive and brings down the beauty of the door. So changing the door knobs is an effective way to get the new furniture shine.


Washing the tarnished knobs is a cost-effective and simple way to bring back the shine. For this, just add a tablespoon of flour, salt and vinegar in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly until it forms a fine paste. Rub the paste on the surface of the knobs and handles. Leave it for a few minutes and wash it off with hot soapy water. Wipe it out with a soft cloth. The shine of the brass or copper is restored.
Or, rubbing a half cut lemon dipped in salt on the surface of the metal also brings the shine back. Wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. This is a very simple and highly effective method to change your old handle into a brand new one.

Clutter-free home with less furniture

Keep your apartment clutter free. Most 1 or 2 BHK apartments are so small to fit all your furniture and stuff. Keep your apartment clutter-free to make the rooms look bigger despite more furniture. Also, de-clutter or clean the dust in the house if you cannot get rid of all the furniture.


Place a ceiling to floor mirrors in the room to make it look bigger. Despite the overstuffed furniture, placing a mirror makes the room look expansive. Just purchase a ceiling to floor mirror at an affordable price and place it the room.
Also, keep the mirror towards the windows. This helps in getting more natural light in the room. Natural sunlight makes the room look larger and cleaner. Recently I purchased two horizontal mirrors and placed it on either side of my living room in one of the apartments in OMR. This helped me in reflecting back the image on both ends and makes the room look even larger. And it looks really arresting.

If all fails, get a plant

Other than all these ideas, there are yet another home decoration ideas for small apartments. Plants like Aloe Vera, Tusli and Cactus can actually add beauty to your home. This is not only a decorative item, but also purifies the air indoors. Also, maintaining it is also easier.
Alliance Humming Gardens offers exclusive apartments and premium independent villas in OMR in a lush green gated community. These homes are designed to incorporate cross-ventilation to allow more natural light inside the rooms. Thus making the rooms look larger than it is.

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