The best ever flooring option for each room of your house

With a plethora of flooring option available in the market, people are often put in a dilemma in picking the right flooring style for the rooms. Particularly, residents living in community housing like the Apartments in OMR, Villas in Kelambakkam, and others gated communities get to own units having the same style.
In order to make your apartment unit stand out from all the units in your block, the easiest way to start from scratch is to have a unique flooring style. Coming to think of it, you can have different flooring style for every room to outstandingly represent your style in the community. In order to achieve it, here are the ever best flooring option for every room.

Outdoor flooring option

Most of the people who live in individual houses and villas can obviously have bounteous space to enjoy outdoors. To create an excellent outdoor space and to improve the standard of living, investing some extra penny would help you loads during resale. Just focus on the durability of the floors and should match to your environment outside. For example, solid wood decking, natural stone, decorative concrete, and hard-wearing tiles would go well for outdoor.


After outdoors, the entryway is the first place where you get most foot traffic. Because you rub your feet on the rug and get inside and the entryway needs flooring option which can withstand a tiring day. The flooring tile you choose must stand the stains and scratches to last longer with strength and durability. Also, the winters and rainy days have a lot to do with moisture, so the flooring option you choose must go well with all seasons. The hardwood and ceramic tiles are some good options for the entryway. You can also use rug or carpets to muffle noise a bit in the foyer.

Living room

The favourite and most used space of any home is the living room or the entertainment room. Generally, the living room is all about style and looks. But also remember, it is the one place where you get more foot traffic, which means the flooring must be highly durable. For the living room, the choices are extremely limited to the budget-friendly category. The low-cost vinyl and high-end solid hardwood flooring is a practical and feasible one. Likewise, carpets are also the finest choice for living rooms.


The bedroom is the most private part of the room to have to relax. Hard finished wood is the best to avoid slipping in bedrooms. Also, to feel soft and smooth while walking around, carpet is the best flooring option on the solid hardwood, bamboo and even laminate can work well for the bedroom. Additionally, decorate it with some ornamentals and furnishings to make it look stylish and good-looking.


Wooden flooring and tiles are generally used choices for the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where most liquids hit the floor while cooking, waterproof LVT is quite a popular choice for the kitchen. Look for the options other than the light and dark words and consider gray wood flooring style. Gray can be neutral and has become a popular option for the apartment units. The hardwood can be super durable to the kitchen to last long with a stain-free environment.


There is too much moisture and spills of cosmetics and toiletries in the bathroom. It would get really nasty and is extremely difficult to clean. Linoleum designs are the trend which is back now and hardwood floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be a wise choice for the bathroom. Also, the pebbled tiles are now a big trend for regular Apartments in Chennai.

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