4 Brilliant Ideas to set up a pool that makes a statement

The decision to set up a pool on your property is a big move. With a range of pool design ideas upgrading every day, it might seem like a big step to make the best choice. Truth to be said, putting in a pool takes more into consideration than just the hole in the ground. However, your pool area becomes the source for amusements, a relaxing spot, and a place to have pool parties with friends and family. Most likely you will need a place with better cohesiveness and aesthetically tasteful.
In the middle of planning out even the tiniest bits of design that ultimately comes to a point where you’d need a creative backyard. The irresistible feel of having a backyard needs effort and knowledge with proper guidance to get through the process of setting up one. So, here are a few ideas to set up a pool which every homeowner should keep in mind while planning out a pool for their unit.

1. Functionality

Focusing on functionality should be the first step you need to decide on. The foremost thing to decide is the shape of the pool you’d like to have. Discuss with your family and collect their ideas of how they wanted the pool to be and narrow down the options.
A functional swimming pool serves the purpose of the owner effortlessly. If you are a person who loves to swim laps as a part of your everyday workout, then a rectangular shaped pool is what all you need. One significant advantage of deciding on this pool is you can measure the distance with no trouble. Otherwise, the L-shaped pools are available as ready-made placement sections in the market if you are fond of the in-unit hot tub. In contrast, if your kids love the shallow area, then choosing a kidney-shaped pool would be the best decision.

2. Materials

These days, most of the Gated community villas in OMR and many other Luxury Apartments in Chennai come with a common swimming pool as an amenity. One advantage of having your own individual house is that you get to choose how your pool should be and what style it reflects. Likewise, the material used to line the bottom of your pool completely relies on your personal choices only.
Only a few works best for you out of the numerous collection of material types out there to build an in-ground pool.
Fiberglass needs low maintenance, but takes up a huge amount of initial installation. Whereas the concrete has a tremendous advantage of flexibility to design the desired shape of the pool with different sizes as possible. But this has to be replaced every 20 years and involves regular maintenance. In contrary, the vinyl is costs less, but the liners would be replaceable over time.

3. Additional features

Generally, a pool is a complete picture of a magnanimously open space with lots of add-ons such as waterfalls, slides and so on. The probability is that only a few could be included in your list of elements. So this takes some time to sit and figure out what you need and what makes a sensible idea.
Make a point to look through all the features before consenting to get it installed. Some may not know that while putting in a slide for your children may appear like an awesome thought, it can likewise build the obligation on your mortgage holders’ insurance. Likewise, while a hot tub may appear to be exceedingly similar to an awesome method to loosen up, the scorching temperatures will affect your service charge.

4. Landscaping

A pool never feels complete with a bit of landscaping. A bit of greenery around the oceanic pool magnificently lifts your pool from the traditional ones. Just start by planting lush green plants around the pool and expand it as you like. This not only adds greenery around you, but privacy as well. On an off chance of any damage to the pool, the roots of the trees would save you from heavy leakages. Choose plants with various colours, types and shapes to improve the aesthetic beauty while you set up a  pool.

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